100 Things To Do Before I Turn 100

You know how on your birthday, you blow out the candles on your cake and make a wish? And we were taught not to share that wish or it wouldn’t come true? Or when we see a shooting star, or at 11:11 we get to make more secret wishes? Well, I believe that keeping those wishes to yourself won’t make them come true. Sharing your goals, telling people your dreams, that’s where the magic happens. Today I’m going to share my list of things To Do, my goals, my dreams and all my wishes (for now).


1. Celebrate diversity through my work
2. Own a home
3. See Robyn in concert
4. Design a textile for Ikea
5. Move to Vancouver
6. Learn to drive standard
7. Pose as an art model, nude
8. Visit Chicago
9. Learn to surf
10. Become a life coach
11. Live in an old warehouse
12. Adopt a baby
13. Campaign for modified imagery labelling laws
14. Curate an Art Show
15. Receive a letter of acceptance from a school of design
16. Spend a year in Australia
17. Sleep in a hammock in Bali
18. Have a curly silver-grey bob
19. Collaborate with designers in Berlin
20. Watch my best friends fall in love
21. Try a new sport every year
22. Be part of a team that produces a major fashion week
23. Never get cancer
24. Drink espresso in Paris
25. Be pregnant
26. Visit Vancouver once per year
27. Volunteer at a mental health hospital
28. See a huge whale
29. Visit Iceland during the midnight sun
30. Have a broken heart
31. Heal a broken heart
32. Watch a live All Blacks Rugby game
33. Be fluently bi-lingual
34. See my name on the movie credits as Costume Designer
35. Meet the Founders of ‘All Walks Beyond the Catwalk’
36. Teach my children the practice of mindfulness
37. Own something by Jeremy Scott
38. Visit Los Angeles
39. See my life drawings hung in a gallery
40. Have nieces & nephews
41. Drive a motorcycle
42. Shoot a gun
43. Grow produce
44. Visit Zandra Rhodes ‘Fashion & Textiles Museum’ in London, UK
45. Make a pair of shoes
46. Buy myself a bouquet of peonies
47. Work on a vineyard in the South of France
48. Learn the dance to Robyn’s ‘Call Your Girlfriend’
49. Graduate university
50. Shake hands with Gwen Stefani
51. Take a picture of a wild gorilla
52. Speak at TED
53. See my babies realize their potential
54. Be featured on KNSTRCTs blog
55. Help a depressed human see light again
56. Learn to snowboard
57. Make love to someone, where our second language is the one we have in common
58. Ride a horse
59. See my designs on a runway
60. Cry in the sun, laugh in the rain
61. Have an entire wall bookshelf
62. Have a grass wall in my house
63. Shadow a designer in Japan
64. Live without a roommate
65. Experience a winter where there is no snow
66. Eat a lobster in my Grandparents hometown in Newfoundland
67. Successfully steam milk
68. Be in New York for NY Fashion Week
69. Drink a coconut in South East Asia
70. Get a tattoo
71. Go to a resort with the ladies
72. Style a photoshoot for a printed publication
73. Stand on the Equator
74. Paint a mural with my babies
75. Pay off my student loan
There’s plenty of room and time for more dreaming.


The Squalor Archive: For When You Make a Mess and Don’t Know How to Clean It.

The Squalor Archive: For When You Make a Mess and Don’t Know How to Clean It.

Spring has Sprung! And, while you might not be able to relate to this at all, I’m PUMPED for my annual Spring clean. I’ll be the first to admit this. Since I’ve been living on my own, when I contact my mother, every so often I have questions regarding how to clean certain things/ go about getting certain stains out. Delicate situations can arise, people, and I cannot be the only one who sometimes needs a little help. And for the record, I don’t ask my mom about cleaning because she’s a woman. NO. Rather, I ask her because she’s older than me and thus has more life experience. Anyways, Jezebel provided me with a SWEET link – The Squalor Archive - for those times when we just really need the expertise of a professional clean person. Check it. Odds are, your next cleaning obstacle is on the list. Find it. Click it. Conquer it.

‘Cause cleanliness is a virtue, y’all.


Steff shared this article by Daniel Stewart with me. Now I’m sharing it with you.



Postcode is a place for us to share our creativity and voice our opinions. It’s also a place for us to share the opinions of others when they resonate with us/ make us feel feelings. As such, I’m sharing this – originally shared with me by Postcode contributor, Steff.

(Hey Justen, remember when I was telling you about Jack Kerouac? Pay attention, ’cause this involves him and is right up your alley).

The article, by Daniel Stewart and found here on Hush Magazine, is “Sex, Art and Ketamine: The New Beat Movement.” If you believe in life experience, travel/ adventure, gap years and living in the moment, then this article is for you. At the very least, it’s an interesting perspective – whether or not you agree.


““The only people for me are the mad ones, the ones who are mad to live, mad to talk, mad to be saved, desirous of everything at the same time, the ones who never yawn or say a commonplace thing, but burn, burn, burn like fabulous yellow roman candles exploding like spiders across the stars.”

- On The Road, Jack Kerouac 

Sometimes, I worry for my generation. I worry for the ones who went from child-care to elementary-school to high-school to a job to a mortgage, always listening to instruction and taking orders. Never once spinning out of control and crashing at full speed into a ditch. The ones who’ve never spent a day hungry or slept a night on the beach, shivering drunk without a blanket.

The ones who were brainwashed from an early age into thinking that living life consisted of following the predetermined patterns of behaviour laid out for them and trying not to deviate too much from the sensible social milieu. The ones who never truly felt the gravity or the inherent fulfilment of sex or art or experimentation. The ones who think experience is only something you put on a resume.

Maybe like The Beat Movement it’s just the difference between the squares and the hip. Maybe. Or maybe it’s something we can subjugate together. Let’s talk about my generation…

Every single generation has had to overcome the pitfalls of their allotted passage of history, we are not unique in that regard. But the pitfalls facing the millennials are different. In this new paradigm of social media and simulation relationships and imaging, it’s reasonably easy to see how we’ve lost touch with giving ourselves over fully to living life and being in the moment. When so much of our culture is a replication of something real, we need to be careful not to become confused.

Take sex for example. For some time now, our sexuality has been locked up in a repressed culture of homogenised beauty and self-consciousness. We’re constantly being fed a construction of what is desirable that leaves us feeling inadequate on every level. Instead of opening ourselves up to the craziness and beauty of the true desire that was intended for us as organisms, we’re worried about labels and how our bodies look with the lights on or more importantly, what that partner might think of the view.

So say it with me… Fuck that.

Give me the sweaty, bare-foot dancing, unabashed honesty and naked midnight swims in a dirty river beneath the full moon. Give me the flaws, the unique parts in candle-light, fluorescent light, spot-lights, whatever. And more truth. Give me the total adherence to a moment of uninhibited sexuality, lost in a some kind of strange desirous meditative state with no preconceived ideas about anything, just touch, just chemistry.

If we follow the smell of smoke, we can find where life is burning and turn that sex, that desire and passion into art and expression. Real art.

I mean, what ever happened to controversial artistic expression anyway? It seems so rare these days that I come across anything amongst the hundreds of self-described artists in my Instagram feed that makes me feel anything other than a pithy four second aesthetic interest. Great art should make you feel uncomfortable on some level, or at the very least make you feel something.

Where are all the fringe-dwelling poets and painters, the downtown high-rise hermits, suffering for their craft through lost jobs, eviction notices, ketamine addiction and existential paradoxes? All I see is little rich kids with SLR cameras worth thousands of dollars posting generic photographs shot on auto-mode to upload to blogs and websites they paid someone to design with trust-fund money.

Lets forget about followers, forget about dollars and etch a meaningful mark in history, and in our own histories. Whatever it takes to taste and touch everything for ourselves. Pack a bag and set out for Guatemala to live on pennies while you fill your lungs with life if you have to.

The important thing to remember is to forget everything you’ve ever been told and set your seconds on fire.

Because the real secret to life is that we are all writers. We’re the Kerouacs, the Ginsbergs, the Burroughs’ of our own stories. So go ahead and fill up the pages with beautiful madness, the twisted full moon sex by a dirty river, the broke hitch-hiking from Portland back to Vancouver or the hysterical mushroom hallucinations in Spain, the nights spent drunk and hungry trying to sleep in the sand dunes or those spent falling deeply in love with a girl from Amsterdam only to never see her again. Let go. And let’s give ourselves over to be destroyed by the madness.

Who’s with me?”

-Daniel Stewart

St. Patrick’s Day Yarnbombing

“I somehow completely forgot about St. Patrick’s Day. Which is surprising because, I don’t know about other cities but, in Vancouver, St. Patty’s Day is celebrated something like Hallowe’en.” ~from Bomb Watch

I found a very thematic, St. Patrick’s Day yarnbomb on Main Street the other day, and I’ve written about it on my other blog Bomb Watch. If you want to know about the ways knitters and crocheters get subversive, come check it out!





The Jetsons Didn’t Have a Cat, So What’s With All The Futuristic Cat Toys???

I was at the pet store the other day for cat food, when I saw this toy for cats that threw me for a loop. It was something on the end of a string, and when the cat played with it, a robotic mechanism whipped it back and forth. I thought, jeez do I need to buy a robot to entertain my poor, bored house cat?

I went home pondering this. Is my cat bored? She’s pretty young, and all she does is sleep, eat, get petted, and chase dropped receipts.

I spent some time looking at cat toys on Pinterest. Then I had an idea. I tied a feather to a strip of yarn and attached it to a hook in the ceiling. Not even remotely robotic, but it seems to do the trick. She plays with it constantly! Low tech cat toy for the win!