More music for you on this Monday.

Just found this song, Touch You by Shura. New fav, without a doubt.

It’s turned down. Perfect bass. Perfect lyrics. Perfect music video. I’m already obsessed with it.

Listen and watch here. I know you’ll like it, too.

And also, in keeping with this “turned down” ambient theme, listen to How To Dress Well’s “Words I Don’t Remember.”

And last but not least, here’s Movement’s “Us.”

:) :)


It’s cool living with coffee snobs.


‘Cause they go to thriftshops and come home with contraptions like this. If I saw this in a shop, I’d have not even the slightest clue as to what it even was. For two dollars, my roommate (but more importantly, friend) and sometimes Postcode contributor Justen/ Kasper came home with this espresso shot maker-thing. Today he showed me how to use it and I enjoyed the most amazing iced latte.

Thanks J/K. You the best.