Talking Taxes With Twenty Somethings (Is REALLY funny)

Today I was driving to the outskirts of Victoria (it’s my Friday WOOOOOO) when the music in my car stopped playing and Steff’s name popped up on my phone. She was calling me.

I picked up and the following was our phone conversation.

(I almost didn’t pick up because I thought I knew what was coming).

-Hey steff, if you’re calling about the size of the pics on your post, I know, and I’m going to fix it, but I’m just about to enter a no service zone.

Steff: I was calling to ask you about your day you bitch! (Laughing)

-Hahaha sorry- I just know. My day was ok, how was yours?

Steff: My day was the worst. I spent 8 hours individually scanning then emailing peoples T4s.

-Hahahahahahahahahah gross.

Steff: And I have to do it again for 8 hours tomorrow. What’s a 20-something supposed to do about taxes anyway?

-I have no idea. I literally have no idea. Leave them and pretend they don’t exist? Some type of accidental tax evasion…?

Steff: I think we have 7 years….?!!!

(Both laugh)

Maybe you had to be there. Either way though…┬áSomeone help us. Please.



I don’t wanna go to jail.

-Alicia (and also Steff)

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